you need
  • tulle or organza Parting
  • Tripod for canopy or curtains
  • Bands of lace or fabric
Pick the basic material for sewing canopy.Above the crib hang curtains of transparent fabrics such as tulle or organza.Beautifully decorated, textured fabric will save time and materials for decoration of children's canopy.
calculate the required size of the base material.This will depend on the method of fixing a canopy over the bed.

• The canopy is attached at the head of the bed, playing the role of a "roof" for beauty.For such a canopy fabric cutting is usually sufficient length of 2, 5 meters and a width of 1 to 5 meters.

• Tripod stands in the middle of the canopy bed and the canopy closes it comp
letely.The amount of material required in this case will depend on the length and height of the crib.

• Can be installed on the wall (above the bed baby) curtain curtain, the length of which is equal to the length of the bed.Curtains will retreat from the wall 10-15 centimeters.Dimensions fortified her drapes pick based on the length and location of the bed curtains.
Make a pattern of parts of two children with a rounded canopy overhead.Sew the canopy can be in the following sequence:

• Connect the back and upper parts.

• Double top and tuck the hem so as to form kuliske for securing the canopy to a tripod.

• Leave the beauty of a beautiful Drawstring "crown" a height of about 5-10 centimeters.

• Process the seams of the canopy and enjoy a decorative elements.
trimmed edge of the canopy with lace braid.You can make a flounce of the same fabric, which is used for sewing bumpers and a set of baby bedding.This can be done if you are all fashioned with his own hands.If the canopy over the cots you selected the curtain on the curtains, then treat the seams and sew around the perimeter and beautiful ruffles.This curtain drape can be to your taste.