you need
  • knitted
  • corset bone
  • acrylic silver
To produce mermaid tail will need a piece of circular knit fabric (once called "knittingStocking ") of blue or green.If for any reason you are not able to buy a "stocking", you can use the usual knitted fabric.It must sew along the long edge of the elastic seam, like a long, narrow tube skirts.You also need corset bone, a piece of about 50 centimeters, and acrylic paint silver.
Measure from the tubular fabric or sew your desired tube length (the length of the tail) and cut by adding 10 centimeters.Treat upper and lower slice overlock.The upper section (about 7 cm), fold out to form a small "cushion."This is the beginning of the tail.
Now try the tail.Remove excess waist with the help of darts and attach the zipper, or just insert the top of the gum flap.
More needs to be done at the bottom of the tail fin.To do this, the remainder of the knitted fabric, cut two pieces of folded (think of a story or cartoon - you need to make the fin of the same form as, for example, Ariel).Deal with overlock edge detail.
then sew a skirt fin.To do this, apply every detail of the fin to the lower edge of the skirt, one to the front, the other - to the rear.Sewn to the skirt part only upper edge.Further details are stitched fin (the sides), the lower section remains open.
fin inserted into the glass segments corset bones and neatly sewn up - so it will keep the shape.
're acrylic paint to draw a strip fin, and the tail - the scales or any patterns.The tail is ready.