you need
  • - tissue;
  • - string matching or contrasting color for finishing;
  • - Lightning;
  • - buttons;
  • - Velcro.
bag can be made out of any fabric, but it's better if you pick up a tight, keep in shape, for example, beading or denim, pieces of leather or artificial leather.Suit also plaschevka, velvet, corduroy and so on.Start by building a pattern.The design consists of two rectangular parts.For example, 40x50 cm.
work start with the decor.Mark the location of the application or embroidery.Administration is stitched on the machine on the contour.Embroidery can be done completely different, here is appropriate, any: beading, embroidery, cross-stitch.
carve out a pen so that the finished bag could wear over his shoulder .Detail of the handle and fold the face prostrochite cut, remove and proutyuzhte.Stylish looking pen made of cord, braided in a pigtail.
upper edge parts bag bend on the front side.Seam close the tape or strap, to which attach handles.
Sew the sides of the bag.Spread the bottom corners and scribbling on the reverse side.Because your bag is roomy and wider.
If you sew the bag of a light fabric, then duplicate it's parts or synthetic padding interlining.The bag can be made with the lining, carve out her top patterns, Sew all slices, put in the bag , twist on the wrong side and baste round on the top slice.Remove bag on the front side and treat the upper sections of piping.
At the upper edge of the zipper sew or make the curtain buckle and sew elegant button.You can make the Velcro, or click on a shoestring.For the beach and all possible variants of the fastener do.
with summer dresses or sundresses look pretty so-called bag-shirts.These handbags can make virtually any outfit and look unique.Its pattern is a rectangle with a single cut straps.The seam in the middle make the front and rear parts.Sew straps to each other, or simply tie a knot.
To make it convenient to use the bag, sew inside pocket for mobile phone and purse and then you do not have to shake out all of it to find the right subject.