you need
  • Fabric,
  • scissors,
  • chalk,
  • line,
  • thread,
  • needle,
  • sewing machine,
  • tape "Velcro."
Measure the height decorated table.This value corresponds to the height of table skirts.If you reduce the height of the skirt by a few centimeters, its bottom edge will not touch the floor, and it does not come by chance.If you do not know the exact height of the table, do skirt 72-73 cm in height. It is enough for an average-sized desk.Then measure the perimeter of the table.It will correspond to the length of the skirt.If you are going to connect together a few tables, do not make too long skirt cocktail party .More practical to prepare two skirts and the need to combine them.In addition, such ornaments is easier to carry and wash.
Get material for the future table skirts.A suitabl
e option could be either flowing fabrics made of synthetic fibers.Such fabrics tend to be lightweight, durable and resistant to fading.An example is to offer 100% polyester. draped skirt of this fabric is not difficult.Besides, if it is stained, it is easy for you to wash.
main decoration table skirts - folds.They can be one-sided and two-sided counter.To make skirt unilateral folds, lay the garment on a comfortable surface.Then fold it in half, inside out.Stepping back from the fold 4 cm, put the chalk line.Along this line, baste pleats.Unfold the fabric and place the resulting folds in the same direction.Take the iron and then iron them.To fold better kept, prostrochite them on the sewing machine two lines parallel to the upper edge of the skirt.If you want to make the skirt cocktail party colliding bilateral pleats, prepare the above process tissue, but before ironing every fold unfold and place on either side of the middle fold.Then just prostrochite upper edge of the skirt to folds dissolves.
Banquet skirt can be attached to the tablecloth with tape "Velcro."Measure a piece of tape is the same length as your skirt.Disconnect the tape layers, one portion stitched to the upper edge of the skirt and the other on the perimeter to sew tablecloths.