you need
  • - Yarn - 100% acrylic;
  • - needles №3.
first tie visor cap.To do this, take the spokes, dial 37 loops and go one row facial.Then provyazyvayte garter rows, each row in the second end and the beginning subtract 1 st.Continue until until the spokes 25 will not loops.Knit these loops and tear off the thread.
Then make 2 tab.Start with drawstrings.Type in the spokes 3 loops and walk garter 18-20 cm. Then knit the next row: 1 front, 1 loop of pulling double, 1 front.Then tie a number of facial hinge.The third row of run: 1 front, 1 loop of the broach, then to the front surface of the last loop, 1 loop of pulling the front and finish 1.Add on to loop until the spoke 17 is not loops.Next, go to 6 cm garter.Threads cut.
Start knit cap basis.To do this, type in the spokes of 13 loops, and then throw with facial loop first tab, again dial 8 loops.Then knit hood hinges: 2 Right together 12 times, 1 front, dial 8 provyazyvayte facial loops and loops of the second eye, again throw with 13 loops.You should get 69 loops.Go 4 rows of the front satin stitch.In the next row, add purl loops through one, purl two finish.When you knit this series, should have 126 loops.Then knit Pattern 2 purl loops, 2 facial.Go through this pattern of 16 rows.The next series of knit as follows: purl 2 together (2 facial, purl 2 together).Get 94 loops.Then uniformly turn down the 2 hinges.
Start provyazyvat elite.First row: (11 facial, 2 together face) 7 times, 1 complete face.The next series of purl embroidery walk.Third row: (10 facial, 2 together face) 7 times and 1 facial.Fourth row - purl loops.Fifth row: (9 facial, 2 together face) 7 times, 1 front.Then subtract 7 loops each odd number as long as there will be the spoke 15 loops.Tear off and pull the thread loop.Then the thread is well secure.
the back of the cap make a seam.Sew the sides of the hood with the main part of the cap.Make a small pompom and attach it to the center of the product.