you need
  • - main fabric;
  • - lining fabric;
  • - Cornice strip (a piece of wood 5h2,5 cm, length equal to the length of curtains);
  • - thin solid rods or rails;
  • - Plastic rings - 18 pcs;
  • - screws with a ring - 4 pieces;
  • - cord;
  • - bracket for fixing curtains;
  • - decorative sinker;
  • - stapler;
  • - thread;
  • - awl.
Start by choosing material.Drawings must meet the strict form of the Roman curtains .Best fit smoothly dyed fabric with small geometric or floral prints, stripes or a cage.Since Roman blinds folded, must not sag, look hard enough material: coarse cotton, heavy wool, muslin, taffeta.
carve out a piece of cloth.To add width
of 10 cm at the side seams, the length - 5 cm on the lower hem plus 25 cm by bonding to cove plate.Lining fabric for Roman blinds kroite identical.
of the fabric face down.On all sides then iron 5 cm edge.Follow hem corners "envelope."Hand rolled hem edges using blindhem.Lining treat as well, but do the hem by 6 cm. Put it on the wrong side wrong side of the main curtains so that the edges of the fabric were 1 cm on all sides.Cleave pins.
Sew Roman blinds kulisok without fail.Carve six strips of width 12 cm and length equal to the length of the finished product plus 4 cm. Fold along their underside inwardly.One side should be given 1.5 cm. He tuck the edge again and sew (see. Fig. 1).One short edge and tuck prostrochite tight, leave open the second.Repeat for each kuliske (see. Fig. 2).
How to sew a Roman
In the next phase of work on the production of Roman blinds schedule a pencil on lined kulisok line sewing.Uppermost, which should be under the rack, do not do.Drawstring stitched fold over the line to the marked locations (see. Fig. 3).The open ends of the insert plate.Close them and sew by hand.
How to sew a Roman
When the question of how to make Roman shades their hands , behind, there is another - how to hang them on the mounting plate.Wooden block with a cloth wrap on all sides, and fix a stapler.Wrap the strap finished canvas curtains twice.Check whether the right hanging.Nail edge stapler.Stepping 5 cm, as well as the center, pierce the material Roman blinds holes with an awl.Another take on a distance of 2 cm from the edge.When all the holes, screw the screws with a ring (see. Fig. 4).
How to sew a Roman
Sew ring in the center and on the edges kulisok.Pull cord through the left lower ring, tie, knot secure the glue.Thread the cord through the ring up and down through all four screws.End of leave freely hanging on the right.Through the ranks of the middle and right ring pull cords in the same way (see. Fig. 5).Check if they are equal in length.Any loose ends tie for fourth ring.Two of them are cut off, and a third hang decorative sinker.
How to sew a Roman
Set Roman blinds in the window opening or immediately above it on the brackets.Bracket for fixing the cord attach to the wall.Pull it up to the desired height and commit cord bracket.