you need
  • - pattern for clothing;
  • - tissue;
  • - strings in tune.
Find pattern jumpsuit, based on the size of your dog.In the Internet there are many sites that offer dress patterns for the different breeds of dogs, use the simplest.See what changes you need to make to the pattern that it has been fitted to the shape of your Chihuahua.
Lay the finished pattern on the fabric, trace the outline is fine, do not forget to leave space on the allowances for seams and hem.Cleave the edges of the fabric sewing pins.If you sew clothes, which will have a zipper on the back of a dog, make sure to leave at about1 cm allowances for seams.When tailoring overalls for the dog can also use Velcro and buttons.Leave the fabric stitches s
o that it was overlapped band width of 2-5 cm, depending on the size of the dog.
Cleave the details of the paired pins to the fabric during the cutting does not move.If you sew overalls for your Chihuahua with insulated lining, then cut out the lining so as the outer layer.She baste and stitch on the same principle as the outside of the suit.
Add a layer of padding polyester jumpsuit and kroite it exactly on the pattern, do not make allowances for seams.Baste sintepon to the lining.After lining with synthetic padding and the outer layer are formed the wrong side of each other and stapled to all places of contact.Remove coverall that the seams were inside and spend the first fitting.Be sure to remove the pins from the product.
Make sure to suit sat on the dog loose, hose does not cut into the foot and the collar was too wide, so the animal does not get lost suit.If the product is too loose, take in the "waist" Velcro strap.
Correct all defects.Be sure that the fabric for the suit to be insulated in the back and chest, the sleeves can be done without insulation, so that the dog can move freely.Sew all seams are trained on a sewing machine.