you need
  • - blank sheet of paper;
  • - sharp pencil;
  • - camera;
  • - wood;
  • - vices;
  • - mounting unit;
  • - screws;
  • - pen;
  • - band saw;
  • - mallet;
  • - flat or half-round 12 mm chisel;
  • - graver with a V-shaped blade;
  • - paint;
  • - lacquer on wood.
First, find uncomplicated by the sample on which you are going to cut.Then you can connect your imagination and cut the original bagatelles.If an animal study its anatomy.Draw a few sketches of different perspectives of future figures and choose the most successful version of each view.If you want to cut really existing object, simply take a picture of the prototype figures from different angles.
Select wood carving.Pay attention to the color of wood of various species of trees.Alder - soft wood is reddish or reddish-pink color.Birch - wood is white with a yellow or reddish tinge,
it is easy to cut.Hawthorn - wood is reddish or pinkish, is easily processed.Aspen - wood is soft, white light.
Since the figure - a three-dimensional product, it must be frequently rotated and inspected during operation.Attach the screws to the bottom of the workpiece mounting unit.The ends of the screws should not be visible from the finished product!All four corners are cut off a mounting block to have more possibilities of rotation of the workpiece.Hold the unit in a vice.
If you want to cut the animal, do not start a thread to the head.Just check its location on the workpiece felt-tip pen or graver.Along the upper edges of the workpiece 25 mm make a few shallow cuts.It is necessary that the wood is not cracked.Give a chisel blank basic form, cutting wood only to the same depth.
to carving details need to start only when the cut the main form of the product.First, cut the head in general, then the hair or wool, and then schedule the line of the eyes, ears, mouth.Begin to cut out facial features, but his eyes and ears should be cut last.Hands, feet, or legs without first mark the fingers, clothing and claws.Just cut out the main circuit, proceed to a more detailed carving of clothes, shoes, fingers and other parts.Paint and varnish coat finished figure .