preferred to work by linking the ends braids in a knot and attach them to a pin cushion or chair.If the pigtail too many threads bind them to a number of clip.
to weave the most simple braid of three strands, tie them into a bundle and attach to the base.Leftmost strand at the top, the middle of the thread.Then, over the middle strand place rightmost strand.
Continue extreme twisting yarn, placing them on top of each other on the middle t
hread until pigtail end.
Fold in half the two strands of contrasting colors, tie the ends and attach to the base.Place the two strands of the same color in the center and two threads of different color - on each side to receive the Four pigtail.The last one-color yarn crisscross - put right over left, placing them among the central thread.
second right thread is put on the extreme right and crossed to the left from the second thread.Continue to weave, using this technique to get a two-tone decorative braid of four rows.
Pattern pigtails little change if you take, as in the previous case, two contrasting strands bent in half and arrange them so that the two strands of the same color are on the left, and the two strands of the othercolors - right.
first left thread, place the second and third string output between the threads of contrasting colors on top of the third strand.The fourth place behind the thread and crossed threads in the first place.If you do not get stuck in the process of weaving, in the end you'll have a pigtail with a snake.
More complex braids obtained from five and seven strands.Pyatiryadnuyu to weave braid, take the thread one or two colors, alternating colors in pigtails.First put the left thread between second and third from the top.Fifth thread put between the first and third from the top.Continue to spin, applying the extreme thread on two adjacent threads and twisting until the end of the pigtail.
Of the seven strands is a beautiful double braid.To do it, first to the left string over the second place and then pass under the third and fourth.Seventh (extreme right), place the thread over the sixth and miss at the first and fifth.Last thread in this weaving is passed under the adjacent and superimposed on the next two.