you need
  • - 100 grams of cotton yarn,
  • - hook № 1,5-2.
color thread for the beret can be absolutely anything.You can link to any beret summer outfit.However, please note that doctors recommend in the scorching heat to wear light-colored clothing.Pick a fine cotton yarn, as it retains heat very badly, but absorbs moisture and breathable.It will be appreciated that such a yarn may shrink after washing.Link sample, wash, and see, does the yarn shrinkage.Pick hook.The finer the yarn, the finer the necessary hook for knitting.The recommended number of hooks usually indicate on the label skeins.
Make a paper pattern and the bottom of the found
ations for future beret.To it will be easier to put knitted fabric and make the necessary additions and subtraction.The diameter of the bottoms should be equal to approximately one-half the girth of the head (that is, if the head circumference of 56 cm, the diameter of the bottoms should be knit 28 cm).But if you want to associate a volume takes, then the diameter of the bottom will be more.
Please enjoy a beret bottom.Tie a chain of three or four stitches, short-circuit them in a circle and knit openwork bedplate.As a circuit pattern for the beret use the scheme of knitting cloth of the same diameter.
Next knit doing subtraction, provyazyvaya together every ninth and tenth columns to the circumference is equal to the circumference of the head.This part of the beret can tie as the openwork pattern, and just nakida without columns, but in this case all the beauty will be visible only from behind.
Okolyshek knit "rachim step."It must provyazyvat same way as the columns without nakida, but in the reverse direction from left to right.Width okolyshka will depend only on your desire.
Beret ready.To avoid loss of shape, moisten the product and dry it on a flat surface.
takes openwork does not need additional decorations, it is incredibly beautiful in itself.If you want to wear it to a party, club or other events, add glamor, this wonderful hat adorned with rhinestones, beads, beads, or beads, or just to Pin okolyshku elegant brooch.