you need
  • polypropylene thread of different colors, 5 spokes.
Before knitting needles loofah to work you need to purchase a special thread.This is somewhat unusual synthetic "yarn" made of polypropylene.And you can not find it in the departments for knitting, but most hardware stores, as its main purpose - is the role of the usual rope (tying for seedlings, packing of goods, etc.).Wherein the polypropylene thread are not only white.Their color range is wide enough, but because the product can get very colorful based color preferences.
Before knitting washclot
hs polypropylene must first be trained in conventional thread.The more that you have to apply not only to traditional skills vyvyazyvaniya facial loops, but also the ability to work with the extended loop.For vyvyazyvaniya extended loop in the sample recruit 10-12 loops provyazyvaem their facial.The reverse side is knitted in pattern, ie purl loops.Starting a new series provyazyvaem one loop of the front (with a free thread of the work), the finger of the left hand (thumb or index) pull a loop, portable and leave it to work, and then the noose vyvyazyvayut front.Then repeat the pattern until the end of the loop.The next series of knit pattern, but without long loops, for the purpose of fixing.
to knit washcloth knitting needles takes 5 (for socks).32 is typed loop (8 per needle), although it may be a different number, depending on the width of sponges.First knit 3-4 rows facial loops.Then go to the drawing, with alternating rows of elongated loops with rows with facial loops.
to colorful sponge can be turned every 5-7 series change color of thread.The length of each product determines its own: one like washcloths are long and narrow, others prefer short and wide.Work is nearing completion as well as start - Knit 3-4 rows facial loops.
will turn out fluffy shaggy tube that serves as a basis washcloths.Rope for it can vyvyazat needles garter stitch.To do this, gaining 3-5 edge loops with wool, knit, "rope" the right length and fasten the other end.Then it does the same on the other side sponges.You can simplify your work more, and as ropes sew colored tape, which will serve as an additional decoration.
If the sponge fit for your child, you can take the thread softer, say, cotton.In addition, you can decorate a loofah vyvyazannoy muzzle favorite animal, such as a bunny or bear.