order that would make the wood bead, you will need:

  • beads or beads of different colors and sizes;
  • wire of about 0.3 mm
  • for winding yarn or floral tape;
  • rod for a tree trunk;
  • basket or pot to secure bonsai;
  • alabaster or gypsum;
  • colorless glue "Moment", etc.
  • colored glass, sand, decorative stones, seashells, etc. Differentto decorate the "soil";

Tree of beads collected from branches, so first we need to make branches.We will cut into several pieces of wire length from 25 cm to 45 cm - the length depends on how long you want to make a branch.Beads for branches can be many different colors.For example, the cherry blossoms can take beads of white and pink flowers.If you want to make a green tree, take the beads of shades of green, then your bonsai will be poured.From the orange and red beads will fall tree.From beads can pr

oduce fruit.Originality will add decorative stones or sequins.
branches for wood bead can be done in 2 ways.If you want to at the end of the wire was thick leaves of beads, then enter 8-9 beads onto the wire and slide it to the middle and twist, to get a loop.Then for each end of the wire type the same number of beads and two twisted loops at one end and the other three loops so much so that they were as close to each other.The ends of the wire, twist the 5 turns.One branch is ready.From the number of loops depends on the density of tree leaves.

second way is to manufacture individual branches with leaves.One loop 5 must beads, more than in the middle of the twist of the wire and retreating from the end of 6-7 cm.Next loop is twisted in one cm and so on until the end of the branches, but do not forget about all the same indentation 6-7 cm. Please note that the number of loops must be odd.Then it is necessary to bend the wire on the central loop, and its ends twisted together with one another.As a result, you get a branch with leaves on both sides.
to your tree bead was magnificent, it is necessary to do more such branches.Number of branches can reach hundreds.When the threads are ready, they need to weave together into bundles.If you have made branches second method, it is possible to assemble a bundle of 11-12 branches.When the first method is better to make small bundles of branches 2-5, 2-4 and then weave the beam, and then make a larger threads.
branches of beads attached to the trunk of a bonsai.The rod can be used as a pencil.To hide the connection branches of the trees need to wrap floral tape or thread.If you want to make a birch tree, as you can take an ordinary winding band-aid on it and draw the strips in black marker.
Bonsai strengthen the vessel with alabaster, plaster or clay.On top you can disguise the "ground" decorative stones, sand or glass.The fruit trees can be attached, and under a tree that will mimic a kind padantsy.Major elements of bonsai can be attached to transparent adhesive, so they will stay reliable.Wood Bead ready!