you need
  • - chosen fabric
  • - thread
  • - Pattern vest or cardigan
  • - chalk
  • - centimeter
  • - if desired decorations in the form of crystals, beads and appliqu├ęs
Determine complement any attire will serve your bolero.The sleeves have a bolero can be both short and three-quarters long.If it is a wedding dress with a deep neckline, you can not do without the bolero made of satin, where the warm season and in the winter without a fur bolero blouse.This can be done in accordance with the bride's dress, the color and style of dress and other accessories.
find any pattern adjacent jacket, it can be found in any magazine for sewing.Pattern choose your size under.To check this, mea
sure the volume of the breast and verify data patterns.If the data match, proceed to the next step.
Transfer the pattern to the paper.Select the length of the future of the bolero, made shorter shelves and back pattern.Shelves do have about 10 cm wide with a side line to the line of the neck.In order to construct a pattern of a sleeve, determine the length of the arm.Sleeve length can vary according to your desire.
Cut what you get - it's your pattern bolero and place it on the cloth.Determine how arranged transverse and equity thread .. Circle pattern fine or a special marker for tailors and attach patterns needles.Cutting out the details of a fabric, be sure to leave two centimeter seam allowance on the edge of the back, sleeves and bottom shelves and centimeter elsewhere.
Remove the pattern from paper to fabric.Attach the back of the shelves and right sides with respect to each other and baste seams on the shoulders and side seams.Now you need to spend fitting.If the product fits well on the model - you did everything right.You can sew sleeves and Sew them and armholes.The edge of the sleeves and bottom bend half a centimeter bolero double and sew on a typewriter.
compete bolero.If you wish, you can decorate a blouse with beads, sequins and lace.If this elegant bolero, you can make the sleeves with frills or ruffles to give ease together.