you need
  • Favorite plants soft tree bark.
So, first choose from a natural material, you'll weave a wreath.Then gather all the necessary.Narva some flowers or leaves for decoration.If you like the berries, they should tear right from the stem - will be easier to weave in a wreath.
If you want a wreath of only one color, it would be better to pick two or three species.So your creation will look even more beautiful.Flowers choose long and flexible stems.This is to ensure that the flowers tightly intertwined and not fall out of the wreath.Perfect for weaving daisies, cornflowers, dandelions.
Select some of the largest flowers.Gently fold them into a bundle.It will serve as a basis for your future wreath
.The stems of each new member and then a wreath will twist this basis.
woven into each flower as closely as possible and close to each other.Do not be afraid, if the color is too much.After making your headgear dries out a bit and reduced in size.And with loose weaving it just falls apart.
Do not forget to try your product as manufacturing.If you ignore this rule, the crown can get more, and then you will be great.Or on the contrary, he would be small.In that case you will have to untwist and add plants.Any interference with the finished piece is not desirable, becauseonce again crush the flowers.
Finish netting only after that make sure that the crown fits your size.To complete fold the ends of the wreath together.The large flowers basics hide all the tips and get out a blade of grass.Tie the ends of the wreath grass or soft bark of a tree.
your wreath is ready.It will adorn and accentuate your natural beauty.Wear it in the nature, enjoying its aroma and unique.