you need
  • - tape measure.
Rate type figure.The figure, depending on the type of posture, may be normal, or hunched peregibistoy.In each case the measurement is removed a little different.At his shoulders hunched figure slightly tilted forward.Accordingly, the middle line of the shoulder will also be slightly shifted forward.A person with peregibistoy figure shoulders pulled back, the middle line, too, shifte
d shoulder.In normal average figure shoulder line runs exactly in the middle.
find the base of the neck.It is where the middle line of the shoulder in contact with the neck.Combine with this point of the zero point of tape.Lay the measuring tape at the center line to the end point of the shoulder.Select a point on the measuring tape and record the result.
resulting measurements enough to bought clothes do not sting in the shoulders.But if you are modeling a dress or a blouse and would like a little hide the not very pleasant especially figures yardstick can be changed.With broad shoulders can be a little shift armhole shelves toward the shoulder, thus reducing visual shoulders .If shoulders are narrow and you want them to be increased, the opposite.Increase the armhole, and accordingly, the length of the shoulder.For clothes with a shoulders kami measurement is little more than usual, depending on the thickness under shoulders Cove.
When calculating raglan act differently.Put your hand down.Mentally locate the point on the outside of the forearm directly opposite armpit.Measure the distance from this point to the base of the neck.For raglan must also know the bevel shoulder.It is measured from the armpit to the clavicular bone.