you need
  • fabric, scissors, tracing paper / paper patterns, crayon, pencil, safety pins, sewing machine
slice of the collar must exactly match the shape of the neck.To do this, attach the pattern pieces blouses (blouse or herself) to the paper patterns and carefully draw a line in pencil neck.
On the basis of this line of build drawing collar.Its size depends on the size of a shirt.For example, the width of the round collar blouse for 42 size will be 5.5 cm. Do not forget that you need to leave the seam allowance of 0.5 cm.
How to sew the collar
Make patternpodkroynoy for details.With its help, we will attach the collar to the product.Its base corresponds to the shape of the base of the collar, and th
e height is equal to 1.5-2 cm.
Before you begin, wash cloth, from which you will cut out the collar.That then, is already in finished form, the village does not and will not change shape.
collar cut out along the warp.Pin paper patterns to the fabric safety pins, then circle the fine.Make a second item to the bottom of the collar.Another part of the same form of non-woven fabrics do - it is used for the lining.Cut also podkroynuyu detail.
Attach the two parts of the collar to each other inside out.Cover with Non-woven lining.Baste stitch collar "forward needle", leaving in the center of the lower base of the collar opening in the 1.5-2 cm, so you could turn the collar.
Stitch detail on the sewing machine and turn on the front side.Sew the remaining hole obmetochnym stitch.Otparte and iron the collar.
Tuck and Stitch the bottom and sides (ie those not connected with the neck and the collar) podkroynoy details.
attach the collar to the blouse on top of him, face down, put podkroynuyu detail.Baste all the parts, and then prostrochite them.
Then lift podkroynuyu item and fill it in, in the neck.Stitched to the wrong side of her blouse.