you need
  • - rose
  • - thread
  • - bag or storage container
  • - gauze cloth
  • - carton
  • - sand
Hang rose bud down.It is advisable to cover them with a pre-gauze to protect from dust.
Wait until the flowers are completely dry, and disassemble the petals of flower buds on .On average, for the complete drying, roses enough from 1 to 3 weeks.
Fold the resulting mass into a dark bag or jar.
use by drying with sand.Cut the stem at the base of the bud, leaving about 2.5 cm. Take a small cardboard box.Fill it with sand so that it could put a rose vertically.Continue to gently fill the flower sand, watching ove
r the safety of the petals.Make sure that all the rose is immersed completely, remove the box in a dark room.After 1-3 weeks you can get, gently releasing sand from the dried petals .