you need
  • - otrez linen or cotton;
  • - Molleton;
  • - cloth-dining companion for the track;
  • - centimeter;
  • - thread;
  • - pins;
  • - pencil;
  • - scissors;
  • - needle;
  • - iron;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - decorative cord;
  • - designer ribbon and flowers (optional).
Buy a sufficient number of fabrics for wedding tablecloths.It is necessary to know the exact size of the table and provide a large stock, which will fall beautifully.Some etiquette experts believe that by sitting tablecloth should reach the seat of the chair.However, you can depart from these rules and make the folds "table
linen" is more lush and long.
recommended to sew a tablecloth wedding of two parts - a small backing coating (just the length and width of the table top), and the upper, decorative cloth.This will move with less noise devices on the table and oberech polished surface wear.The lower part of the tablecloth is called "Molleton" - a soft and thick cotton fabric.For the main part is cut is recommended to select otrez linen or cotton dense matter.
carve out both parts of the festive tablecloth and leave through the cut hem allowances of 4 to 5 cm - heavy seams better fix both Molleton and cloth top, not allowing them to slide on the table.
iron the hem, and then baste it manually.You can then process the edge seams on sewing machine and carefully remove the basting.
If it is assumed that at the wedding table will sit people on only one side (for example, the newlyweds and their parents), the outer-free, can be issued strong side folds to the floor.Make allowance for the assembly according to their required density.For this purpose the total length and width of the table top should be multiplied by 1.5-3 times.
Prepare for frills and strip weighing its bottom decorative cord suitable tone - it will delay the wrinkles and give the festival a new design accent color.Divide the edge of the main tablecloth while future frill into equal parts, marking them with a pencil on the reverse or pins.
Form folds, pinning their pins or primetyvaya.Make sure that the frills are smoothly and accurately, then it is possible to build a connecting line on the sewing machine and seal the seam zigzag.
The final touch will be the decorations tablecloths.You can optionally perform a so-called dining track - a band of tissue that lies on top of the base coat.Select it in the same color with decorative cord on the frills.Finally, the free side lay the table can be decorated with designer ribbon and flowers.