Pick color gamut th future bouquet.If in doubt - composing of inflorescences one hue, but with different brightness (eg, pink lilies and a little more intensely colored orchids).If the bouquet looks boring or not too harmonious, add the white flowers - they perfectly harmonize with any shades.Avoid excessive "medley" in a bouquet - is not happy and tired eyes.
sure to think over the future shape of the composition is whether your bouquet round, triangular, flat, asymmetric, stacked?
Flowers must be compatible.It is not necessary to combine the luxury of exotic orchids with daisies and buttercups naive and exquisite rose - with daffodils.Get somethi
ng absurd.By the way, in daffodil flower composition is added with caution because its availability - the key to the fragility of the bouquet.
Do not try to build something big, a la "a million red roses."Bouquet of a pair of tens of inflorescences - a gesture, of course, a wide, but hardly a number of plants in one pile will look beautiful.It's not a bunch, but just a pile of random colors , even if they - gorgeous exotic Vanda or pearly white roses.
┬źdilute┬╗ bouquet of roses.Even one green "herringbone" will make your composition complete and luxurious.Do not be afraid to use dry cells - twigs with berries, stalks, dried flowers, if it allows the bouquet theme.Finally decorate the resulting composition with ribbons, lace, pearls and even plastic butterflies.
final touch - the packaging, which will give complete songs.This is not about a plastic envelope, which is usually placed in a bouquet to carry, but the full package is a single whole with a bouquet.Options her a lot: colored rice paper, ribbon tied round, wicker basket, a beautiful piece of cloth, "mesh", satin ribbon, twisting the long stalks of the plants, many other ideas.