you need
  • - flowers of different shades of the same color;
  • - ornamental foliage;
  • - gift wrapping.
order to learn to do yourself beautiful bouquet , we can consider the drafting of a round bouquet well, called "Biedermeier", consisting of combined with each other flowers in a frame packingfabric or paper.
For this bouquet of flowers and take different shades of the same color.If it rose, it is best to remove the thorns fr
om the stems and leaves extra.Select the largest flower, hold it in your left hand and right, choosing appropriate colors, puts them in the first flower, so that they were a little below it, forming a circle.Thus, in the first round it will take 3 to 6 flowers.It all depends on how big bouquet
you want to do.Then shape the next round, which will be slightly lower than the previous.The number of laps depends on how much you have flowers.Flowers have different shades in the circles should be evenly alternating guided by personal taste.
finished laying flowers circle, you'll see that bouquet is shaped like a sphere.Tie the stems by about the middle is not too tight, but not free, otherwise bouquet lose shape.Now make arrangement greens.The "Biedermeier" you can simply place the green leaves on the edge of the sphere in the form of fringe.Greens also need to engage.After graduating form bouquet , carefully cut the stems, leaving them about 20 centimeters long.
for packaging can be used organza, lace, crepe paper or cellophane - it all depends on what you have on hand.Choose a package that combines color with a bouquet th.So to pink flowers in various shades of white packing fit.Paper or fabric to collect packaging in the hands of an accordion, insert the bouquet of your and tie as possible.The bottom of the package is well unfold along the stems.It is possible to leave it in the form of "skirts" (if organza or cellophane) and can be fastened at the bottom, leaving 2-3 centimeters outside stems.Knotted at the top of the beautiful ribbon decorate the place.Your bouquet ready.