you need
  • determinant houseplants
  • Internet
If you own hand broke off process unnoticed by the owners and for this reason, feel free to ask, what is this plant , try to describe it plant .The main features that should be pointed out is the presence or absence of leaves, their size and shape,
height, thickness and configuration of the stem, flower shape, and if you saw the root of the plant - and the shape of the root.Record characteristics of the plant.This is best done in the form of tablets.
Find the right determinant.As a rule, it is in books on indoor gardening.If a book is not at hand, then use the online determinant.But first you must learn how to use it.All qualifiers are based on one principle: given a sign of plant and points to its presence or absence in the plant.The symptoms you have described.The first sign is given by the determinant.Find it in your plate and see what the determinant column you need to look for the following signs or any link to go further.For example, if the first sign in the determinant is the presence or absence of leaves, and the leaves of your plants are large or beautiful, the following signs you need to look in that box, which refers to plants with leaves.
In the next step, each graph again divided into two, and the online qualifier will again offer two references.One of these options - the ultimate.Describes a sign - for example, the same leaves with all their features, and provides a definition of a particular plant.If your plant does not meet this definition, then you look at the graph, where it says something like "a kind of folded sheets" and consider the following trait.So you one day you will find the right plant .