you need
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - charcoal;
  • - Ā«Appin-extra".
From room gardenia, usually form the lush low shrub or a tree trunk with a smooth and spherical crown, which is called shtambovoy form of plants.For this form of approach rooted cutting or seedling.In the early spring with young gardenias cut all lateral shoots, leaving the leaves on the stem.
Once the seedling will grow by a length sufficient to form a tree, prischipnite uppermost bud.Leaving three or four buds at the top of the barrel, all other should be removed along with the leaves on the growth of the upper shoots.Having cleared of leaves and buds of the stem to the branches, forming a crown, you
will get a plant with a smooth trunk.Once the threads left to form the crown, reached the desired length, prischipnite buds at their ends.
on gardenia, which is formed of a bush in the late winter or early spring, pinch the buds on the ends of the shoots length of fifteen to twenty centimeters.Stretched out to shorten the branches of the same size throughout the bush.One day before pruning the plant abundantly watered.
shortening the shoots, keep the last remaining branch bud was no closer than half a centimeter from the end of the branch.Place the cut can be powdered charcoal.Cutting the gardenia, sprinkle it with a solution, "Alpin-Extra", made from two drops of the drug and two hundred milliliters of water.
If necessary, the plant can be formed in the fall, after the end of flowering.Cropped in this period gardenias need wintering in a well-lit area at about sixteen degrees.In a shaded room with a warm air generated during the winter the plant will be extended and will lose much of its decoration.
Malformed old gardenia bush you can rejuvenate by cutting all the branches in early spring at a height of about four centimeters from the surface of the soil.Putting a plant in the lighted place without direct sunlight, you will be able to re-form a compact bush of the young shoots.