you need
  • Adult plant aloe (A. arborescens)
  • Ready primer for cacti
  • washed sand
  • Pot
  • Expanded clay or gravel
Cut the stalks from the mature plant aloe .Try to cut the stalks have at least three pairs of leaves.The plant from which the stem is cut, it should be strong and healthy.With the weakening of the plant liquor and cuttings will be weakened.Stalk dry for a few days.Take your time.Cuttings aloe can take root even after the three-week dry.
aloe - succulent, so water it often rots than root.Do not take chances.Rooting aloe just like all succulents - to the ground.Mix the soil for cactus with washed sand in a ratio of 1: 1.
At the bottom of the pot, place a layer of expanded clay or gravel for drainage.If you are used to water your houseplants every day, be sure to make good drainage and make sure the drain holes in the pot are not clogged.This saves your aloe from the bay, until you get used to the special regime for watering succulents.
Plant a sapling in the ground, not bury deeply odd enough, if the lower pair of leaves will slightly touch the ground.If the stalk is held unstable, sprinkle a layer of gravel on top of the soil.Carefully pour and place in a bright warm place.Aloe - a child of the desert, so it does not need high humidity during rooting.It is not necessary to put a pot of aloe rooting cuttings mini teplichku.But he needs a lot of sun, a bright and desirable.
rooting may take two to four weeks.It is important in this respect the irrigation period.Better water will be less than the longer.This plant is adapted to long periods of drought, but can not tolerate waterlogging almost.Aloe root better if watered only when completely dry, carefully follow it.The fact that your baby is rooted, you will understand, seeing new leaf peeping out of the socket.