you need
  • - with a soft cloth;
  • - water;
  • - water filter;
  • - scalpel;
  • - sharp scissors;
  • - Powdered sulfur or crushed coal.
phalaenopsis should be cut may occur as soon as you acquire it.In the flower shop or in greenhouses, the buyer does not always have the opportunity to explore the roots of the plant.Dried leaf tips may be a consequence of the natural evolution of plants and roots from disease.If your flower grows in a transparent pot, you can not dig up and examine the roots through the wall.They must have a silvery green color.The old roots are often yellow.Often sold in opaque phalaenopsis pots.In this
case, you need to carefully inspect it for buying.It should not wobble.If the plant sits loosely - likely had rotted roots.
Dig phalaenopsis.Carefully remove the substrate.Examine the roots.Rotten cut off with a scalpel or a sharp knife.The surgical tool is best to handle alcohol.Cut the remains of old leaves.Sprinkle all the cut with powdered sulfur or powdered charcoal.They can be bought in a store products for gardeners.Prune the plants can not be planted directly into the substrate or put into the water.The remaining roots may rot.Dry phalaenopsis, allowing him to lie on the air at least a day or two.Sometimes you have to cut all the roots, but this drastic measure can only be applied if the surface is very much rot.After such drastic surgery for a long time the plant can not show any signs of life.
Very often there is a need to cut the stems.It is necessary not only to give the plant a new kidney, but also for vegetative propagation.In the second case, fill a clear jar sphagnum.Sphagnum pre-rinse with boiled water and cut, leaving only the green.0.5 liter jar a good wash with detergent and rinse well, too, boiled water.Sphagnum place vertically and fill half the volume of the bank.Carefully watering sphagnum to water it absorbs and does not impinge on the bottom of the jar.
Cut the stems and treat it with diluted alcohol.In no case can not be applied pure alcohol, it must be diluted to a concentration of 50-70%.Cut the stems into pieces to kidney was in the center and side sections - 1.5-2 cm. Slices sprinkle powdered sulfur or charcoal.Put the pieces of the flower stalk on sphagnum and hermetically close the jar.Follow what's happening inside.In time remove the dead pieces of the flower stalk.Among the circumcised parts certainly there are those that give the new plants.
If you need to trim the orchid, in order to make it blossom again - wait until the end of flowering.Deal with a scalpel alcohol.Cut Phalaenopsis on the third kidney.Try not to damage the stem.Place the cut flower stalk can be treated with powdered sulfur or charcoal.After some time, it formed a new flower spike, which will give a more abundant flowering.