you need
  • - rakes;
  • - metal mesh;
  • - shovel;
  • - seeds of rye;
  • - cardboard;
  • - vinegar;
  • - travorezka (mower).
In order to get rid of stones in the area, dig and loosen it.With the rake teeth with frequent walk across the lawn, carefully removing all the stones.
To get a more accurate surface earth sift through a sieve.Sieve do this: Put together a wooden rectangular frame inside the nail fine mesh (the smaller the mesh, the smaller stones will be screened).For convenience, set the two legs on one side, to the sieve was tilted to the ground, around 30-45⁰.
to carry out work on a sunny day when the earth will be completely dry.Clear the land, equal to the size of the screen,
from the stones.Place a sieve over it tilted and part of the neighboring plot of land on perekidat sieve.As a result, the first section is smooth soft ground without stones.Move to the next section of the sieve and continue until the entire lawn is covered with sifted soil.
to the lawn weeds do not grow on every part of the stele piece of cardboard, and on top sypte sifted earth.In this land Plant lawn grass with a small root system or flowers.The roots of the weeds with the just peregniyut in the ground, cardboard for next year also will rot - as a result you will have a nice flat lawn without weeds.
very neglected land clean of weeds in the following way: first, mow all the grass mower or travorezkoy.It is also possible to use chemical means of destroying or acetic acid (hereinafter, it is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide).
dig site and sow his rye.Rye is characterized by destroying all weeds in the area.A green rye mow again, right from her dig site (rye is an excellent fertilizer).During the summer, sow and dig site several times.The following year, the weeds will be over.