you need
  • - flowers;
  • - Floral Foam;
  • - Floral solution;
  • - basket or planter;
  • - pins.
For a start it would be nice to understand the difference between the bouquets and flower arrangements.The bouquet consists of cut flowers, wrapped in paper, floral arrangement is attached to the floral sponge.Then sponge hidden in a decorative basket, wrap, pot - how prompt your imagination.
To start, you need to soak floral sponge in a special solution, serving to feed and increase the life expectancy of colors in your composition.After a swollen lip, cut the piece that you use at work, otherwise it will be ugly when the edge of the sponge will stick out from the pots.
If you do not buy a special floristic basket or planter and co
ntainer made from scrap materials, put on the bottom of the oil cloth or foil.The finished pots and baskets already pre-enclosed waterproof layer.Now you can put the sponge in a basket and go directly to flowers.
If you're afraid miscalculate and choose the wrong plants, give preference to the color of one species or genus.Surely you've seen the beautiful arrangement of roses of different colors.For example, a win-win situation - a combination of red and white roses.You can take the same amount of both roses and place them in a random order, or make a heart of red roses, white flowers surrounding it.
When composing of flowers belonging to different species, but to the same genus, the composition, for example, might be: begonia, azalea, Saintpaulia, hypoestes, coleus.These colors blend well in all parameters: color, height, shape of the leaves.
If you think that you have good taste, may try to combine together different colors.It is now popular as a plant height and composition with staggered colors as loose and dense bunches.Experiment and you will definitely find a good combination of plants.
If necessary, attach an additional sponge in a basket by a corsage pins and start to paste flowers.Your floral arrangement is ready to go to endow man.