planting and growing begonias

best time for sowing seeds Begonia considered mid-December - early January.For planting need shallow drawers filled with nutritious and loose substrate consisting of:
- 2 parts of humus;
- 1 part of leaf;
- 1 part sand.

Seeds of begonias are very small, so embedded in the ground they do not need.The surface of the substrate and tamped vyseyte seeds. To moisten the soil should be disinfected with a solution fundazol.

manufacturers for the convenience of gardeners often make the seeds in pellets sown them a lot easier.Use for planting peat tablets.Put them in a bowl and moisten.After the tablets swell place to the surface one by one in the seed beads and a little push.

box cover with glass and put in a bright and warm place in the home.For germination temperature 20-22oS begonias need.Watering is carried out daily in the m
orning with warm water using a spray bottle, and the seedlings ventilate for an hour.From time to time wipe the glass condensate, as a drop falling on the crops can lead Begonia seedlings to rot.After 2 weeks, when all the seeds germinate, the glass can be completely removed.

Put container seedlings in a sunny, but a cool place with a temperature 17-19oS watered as the drying of the upper layer in the box.Approximately one month after planting, when there will be 3-4 true leaf, begonia dive in small peat pots.Plants and plant digs very careful not to damage the fragile roots. When growing seedlings in peat pellets begonias water plants across the pallet.

In early May, the boxes with seedlings Begonia made in a greenhouse.On warm sunny days, they need to be open, gradually accustoming the seedlings to outdoor conditions.In late May, the shelter can be completely removed for hardening of young plants.

How to plant the seedlings in open ground

In open ground the seedlings are planted after begonias can avoid the threat of the return of frost in early June.One week before planting in open ground plants Feed the potassium phosphate rate of 5 g per 10 liters of water and reduce the dose of irrigation.

When transplanting begonias in the flower bed soil surface must be carefully smoothed and moisturize.Make small holes and place them in the plant.Roots place freely, while the root neck, leave on the soil surface.The distance between the seedlings are usually made of 10 cm and between rows - 13-15 cm.

If stunted plant variety, the distance between the colors can be reduced to 7-8 cm. Ampelnye begonia best grown in hanging pots and vases.