you need
  • Ficus pot (a barrel), a knife for cutting, paper napkins
When planting ficus great importance is the size of the pot (tubs): the morecapacity, the spreading and the higher the plant.Ficus brings great crop, so you can easily create the desired shape of the crown, and to control the growth of branches to Ficus has not filled a whole room.
young plant to fit into the interior, it is recommended when the ficus reaches a height of 75-100 cm, cut the top of his.After that, begin to form new branches.For a graceful crown is cut the ends of the branches once in 3-4 years.When pruning is allocated milky juice that you want to get wet cloth or loose paper.Without regular pruning new branches are formed, and the plant begins to become bare bottom.
ficus New shoots develop from buds - apical and lateral (they are in the axils of leaves).The most rapidly developing apical bud.It stimulates the removal of lateral buds awakening.
When pruning shoots cut above the bud doing.During processing, the side branches into account the direction of the kidneys, of which make the cut.