Pansies - excellent, unpretentious plant.In another way it is called - viola.It belongs to the family violet, growing, usually one to two years.The height is about 15-20 centimeters.Blossoms in any warm season single flowers violet-blue with different shades.

unpretentious charm

This herb - a relatively early culture, enjoyed by gardeners in great demand.As a rule, viola grown to impart an elegant kind of a private garden, as well as to decorate the sidewalks, grounds.Often, these flowers can be seen in the stairwell.As for grades, then a lot of them, mostly all of them are hybrids of violets. most popular in horticulture viola tricolor.

breeding seedlings

Pansies propagate by cuttings or seeding.Usually to get blooming at a certain time, seeded seeds at the right time.If grown as a biennial p
lant, then it does not require the seedlings.Initially, in the summer, sow seeds at the time the ridge and then, closer to the fall, emerging seedlings are transplanted to a permanent place, and only a year later viola blossom.

To get flowering of plants in one year, you need to take care of seedlings.To do this, sow seeds at home and planted in specially prepared boxes.

When sowing the soil in the boxes have to be wet.Seeds fall asleep rarely and coated with a thin layer of earth.Once the box is removed in a dark place of the greenhouse (the room).

As soon as the first shoots should reduce the room temperature to 10 ° C and give the plants the sunlight.As a rule, this procedure make the winter, and more increased in the greenhouse seedlings planted in the flower bed in spring, thus providing summer bloom.Many growers

note that, unlike dvuhletnikov, plants grown in this manner are larger in size and more plentiful in bloom longer.It is best to plant pansies in a sunny place, but, nevertheless, a slight darkening not hurt.
If the season is too arid, the plant needs regular watering, otherwise the flowers will grow shallow.
to bloom all summer pleasing to the eye, it is recommended they pinch off the flowers that had wilted, it greatly extends the durability of all colors.

Viola can be transplanted from one place in any condition, even in the flowering period, which is undoubtedly a big plus.This is particularly useful when long home grown, followed by planting in the ground.