Indoor bamboo - a plant that really called Dracaena braunii.Its stem is smooth, with jumpers, green shoots, if desired, may be to spiral.In the teachings of Feng Shui states that the bamboo room is able to bring to the house of wealth and success.

Care bamboo

Dracaena braunii, that is the home of bamboo, refers to the many years of ornamental plants are very unpretentious.If desired, it can be grown in a glass of water.Bamboo is better to keep in a dim place, where there is no active sun, but light enough.Special requirements for humidity is not presented if the apartment air is dry, the bamboo will feel quite good.From time to time it is necessary to wipe the dust from the leaves of plants, regularly spray it is not necessary.

If the bamboo does not grow in water and soil, taking care of them will be almost no different.The soil can be ta
ken and for special dratsenovyh and ordinary - bamboo nepriveredliv.But good drainage it should be provided, and we can not do without a layer of expanded clay in the pot.Plant nutrition is almost not required, but it can be done for fertilizers dratsenovyh no more than once every three months.Transplant is carried out not more than once a year - in spring.

How to grow bamboo desired shape

Many owners bamboo grows in a spiral twist.It may seem that this is no ordinary dracaena, and a new species or plant, which is necessary to carry out time-consuming special care.But this is not so.We are very flexible bamboo stalks, and to obtain the coveted spiral shoots have to tighten around the support.The earth is fixed rod or tube around which it is necessary to direct the growth of stems.Gradually, you can get a plant bent as the owner wants.

crown bamboo and can generate on their own.For example, a common option when the top of the green leaves and stems at the bottom is completely naked.It's very simple: all excess shoots should be gently broken off.It should be borne in mind that the bamboo grows quite high - about 70 cm in height.

to plant felt good, it should be watered only defending water.Chlorine at many plants has a devastating impact, and dracaena is no exception.The best water for watering houseplants - melt.To get it, in a plastic bottle have to pour water from the tap and hold it in the freezer.Then the water and allowed to thaw until until it reaches room temperature.