you need
  • City Map
  • Books about sights
  • camera
  • car or any public transportation
First buy a card.Location of the main streets there on the old map, but the situation in any modern city s always changing, so much of what is depicted on the old map, in fact, already may not be.You can print your city with Google-maps, then the card will definitely be a new one.
Try to interest his new hobby for someone who knows how to drive a car.Even if you are driving yourself, in this case, you may need an assistant.Ask your friend to make a car trip along the city have.To begin, select the longest street.Ask a friend to drive is not very fast, and you at this time of reconcilia
tion at what you can see with icons on the map.At the same time, and noted that in your city e changed recently.
If the friend with a car who wants to help you, you do not have to select the route city ray transport.It is desirable that it was genuine.Beforehand mark it on the map and go to the final stop.As long bus rides - you celebrate all that you can see at least mentally.The next time you choose a different route.If a small town, you will pass it quickly.
But buses and trolley buses do not go anywhere.Many sites you will have to explore on foot.Better and in this case carry a card.For example, the label on her area, where you are going it is today.It should not be very large area, so that you can explore it properly for once.Look on the map the names of streets and alleys.Select the point where you start your journey.Pass on the biggest street, paying attention to the street numbers and names of streets.Walk through the lanes, look into the yard.Verify that you can see from the map, which can be indicated not all.
The next time you choose a different area.Try to travel a little every day - for example, going back to work.It is not necessary to explore large areas.You can simply select any yard or two.On these walks is useful to take a camera and shoot something that you noticed.In the evening or the next day to view the pictures and try to remember what they represented and where it is located.
can invite friends to arrange a game, competition, something like "Find where it is."Encourage them to ask for a picture and remember where they saw the object.To begin, select objects easier with time complicates the task.If your city th place some historical event or is there a place associated with the literature - can organize quest inventing encrypted job.Look for information in books on local history or Ask veteran.You will not notice how your friends too carried away and start local history together with you to explore the city .