you need
  • - the seeds of date palm;
  • - drainage;
  • - sand;
  • - peat;
  • - sphagnum;
  • - turf ground;
  • - ground sheet;
  • - humus.
for home cultivation often recommend a date shy, stocky palm , growing a few trunks.However, the seeds of tamarind palmatum more accessible.The ideal material for sowing is extracted from fresh fruit, but because fresh dates not tolerate transportation, residents of areas where date palms do not grow, it is necessary to restrict the seeds extracted from dried dates.
With some luck, the seeds of date palm can grow without additional treatment, however, to improve the germination before sowing them should scarify and dunk.Doing all that it is recommended at the beginning of spring.
Remove the seed of tamarind and gently peel grind his nail file or sandpaper.Scarified seeds soak for three days in the water temperature of about thirty-five degrees.Once six o'clock change the water in the tank with fresh seed.
in a container with drainage holes, pour a layer of any drainage and soil substrate, mixed from equal parts sand and peat.Some growers recommend to pour a layer of top soil washed sand thickness of three to four centimeters.
Put soaked date-bone vertically into the ground to a depth of half the length of the bone.Cover crops sphagnum and place a container of seeds in a place where it will be maintained at a temperature of not less than twenty-five degrees.Water the substrate defended with warm water.
Seeds take between one to six months to germinate.When the first narrow palm leaf will grow by eight to ten centimeters in length, seedlings seedlings into individual pots with a diameter of about nine centimeters.Even if you were germinated palm seeds into the first arm with a flower pot, transplant the seedlings into individual containers.For planting using soil mixed two parts sod land, part of the sheet, the same amount of sand and humus.
To date palms need temperatures ranging from twenty-two to twenty-five degrees in the summer, the sixteen-eighteen in winter and good lighting.Watering the plant with warm water to stand for twelve hours.In spring and summer the plant needs watering three times a week.In winter, rather than once a week.
Young palm every year need to handle a new pot with a diameter of two centimeters more than the previous.