Generate ficus, so you can cut it to shape, it is necessary to ensure that the plant grows in the right direction, not overgrown with unnecessary branching and to rid the plants of the dry and tender shoots.Perform all work should be pruned in the spring for a few weeks before transplanting the plant or at the beginning of feedings.
In addition, you should know that the young plants more amenable to the formation than adults.Give shape to have an adult plant is much more complicated and not always get the desired result.So how do you create the right plant Ficus?
formation of a bush.Prischepa main escape his young plants at a height of 13 cm. If the plant is large leaf, 4 leaf should be left.After shoots from axillary buds have reached around 10 cm should be t
he same principle Prishchep and side shoots of the kidney, facing away from the crown.
Wipe all sections damp clean cloth.Wipe the disc until then, until no release of latex.
sprinkle the cut with powdered charcoal.Turn your cluster the various parties to the sun.
Formation trunk.Take a young tree, which is well defined vertical shaft.Remove standing on the trunk without exception, side shoots, leaving the top 4.Removal should be done until then, until the plant attains the desired height (desktop plant - 35 cm, floor - 80-90 cm.).
Prischepa top of the plant.Cut the side shoots on one kidney, which faces outward from the crown.
Tie bole to a peg for stability.
Clean the cut with a damp cloth.Evenly distributed light hits on the whole plant.
Formation longline trunk.Take an adult ficus with a distinct vertical shaft.Prischepa plant.Divide the crown into 3 parts at its discretion.When the first and the third level will be with leaves, and the second bare the distance between them.
gives the sheet of the first and the third level of a spherical shape, clear the second level of the shoots.How much will the levels of your plant, you decide for yourself.