you need
  • - process geranium;
  • - geranium seeds;
  • - ground;
  • - glass or package;
  • - boxes and pots.
If you decide to grow geraniums home on their own, it is best to do this process.Look closely at a friend's beautiful flower, ask him to break off from escape, and set the house in a pot with fertile soil.Pour and soon will the new leaves.
Or first place the process of pelargonium in a glass or jar of water, a week geranium take root and can be transplanted into a pot with soil.To take the ready to purchase substrate for flowers ground.Although it is quite possible to do on their own.Mi
x equal parts of sand, peat and garden soil.At the bottom of the pot is required to put gravel for drainage.
second method of reproduction geranium will divide the rhizomes.If someone of your friends is planned transplant beautiful varietal Pelargonium, do not miss the chance to get hold of the flower room of the house.Ask the separate part of the overgrown plants and plant in a pot at home.So you'll just have a blooming geraniums.
And finally, the most difficult, but interesting way is to grow geraniums from seed.You can buy bags of different varieties, which like the look.Sowing the seeds should be in the spring of geranium.Just place them on the soil surface, sprinkle lightly and sprinkle with an atomizer.Cover glass, or even pull a plastic bag in the pot.It will Teplicka.
geranium seeds germinate quickly, within 10 days, you will enjoy friendly germs.Remove teplichku.Keep geraniums on a light windowsill.Pour, preventing drying of the soil.When the seedlings will grow geraniums, seedlings to one plant alone in pots.Blossom geranium grown from seed, not soon, after six months, but this is the sort of what you can get vsegla not handle.