you need
  • - soil mixture
  • - flowerpot
  • - orange bone
main error failed "apelsinovodov" is that they take absolutelyunsuitable for this purpose the soil.Plain flower garden and the land is not suitable for citrus have to prepare a special pochvosmes.
Mix in about equal proportions of sand, earth, peat and small concrete block.The mixture should turn out very light, good air to pass through it and be able to retain moisture for a long time.Fill the bottom of the flower pot drainage mixture, fill the remaining space of the soil substrate.Place the pot to determine the window faci
ng south or east.Do not send the next oranges in the kitchen, even the smallest particles of steam or smoke will harm the plant.
Soak the bone for a day in warm water, put it in a pot.Not just have to wait a long time, and for a long time.Some bones wake up only 2 months after planting.Of course, to be a little boring weeks watered empty pot, but one day your persistence is rewarded, you will see a tiny orange germ.
water for irrigation must be taken to mitigate it, and boiled a couple of citric acid crystals.Do not let the soil dry out, but do not fill it.Try to keep the room temperature is kept at 18-20 degrees, and the plant itself is well lit by the sun.If the weather permits, you can make orange fresh air.Do not leave young plant under the scorching sun, pritenit it to avoid burns.
winter, remove the orange into a bright but cool place.The room temperature should be held at the level of 12-15 degrees.Watering in winter reduce to once a month.Rested over the winter the plant, in the spring will go back into growth.
after 5 years, you can try to encourage the tree to the tying of the first buds.To do this, place the plant in the winter in very cold conditions.The room temperature should vary between 5-8 ° C.With the advent of heat begin strenuously to care for the plant, organize him a lot of heat and light, Feed the fertilizers and after a while will give you a little favorite of the first fruits.