First remove bathed the plant from the pot.Clean the roots from the remnants of the soil, wash and inspect them.
solid roots and uprugieVam lucky overflow plants have not yet led to irreversible consequences.Dry the roots of the paper or paper towels.Landed plant in a pot with fresh, slightly moist soil.If the new soil at hand is not present, use old.Making sure that it does not rot or smell mold, and dry it.Be sure to pour in the bottom of the pot a layer of d
rainage (expanded clay, pottery shards).To stimulate the root system is recommended before planting the plants lightly dusted her kornevinom.Put the pot in the shade away from direct sunlight.Pour very carefully, only when the top layer of soil dries out a couple of centimeters in depth.For resuscitation bathed plant recommended once a week to spray the drug "Appin-extra" to full recovery.
Some roots are soft, korichnevymiProtsess root rot has already begun.Rinse the root system, cut the rotten roots with scissors or a sharp knife to a healthy, dense tissue.To stop the rot, cut recommended to treat the solution of potassium permanganate, or sprinkle with crushed coal.Landed plant fresh or the dried soil.Proceed as above.
All the roots are soft, korichnevyeEtot version of the most unpleasant - save plant will not succeed.If possible, cut the shanks treated kornevinom them and try to instill in teplichke (for example, under a plastic bottle).