If you want to plant coconut, the first difficulty that you will face will be the purchase of seed.The usual coconut, bought at the supermarket, you are unlikely to germinate.The fact that consumption is removed from coconut wood in step breast maturity.Ripe coconut has as tough inedible pulp and the liquid inside it becomes not very pleasant smell.
way out of the situation can be coconut, brought from southern latitudes, which had ripened and fell to the ground on their own.But in this case should not be too flattered.Coconut tree naturally grows to 30 meters, it is difficult to imagine the room in which she was able to fit.Besides a couple of years the majority of germs coconut palm can not wit
hstand the home and dies.
If these arguments have still not scared, you ran into a flower shop sprouting coconut and want to try to tame it, or if you brought a ripe coconuts from the south, then why not.
Coconut Dip half of damp peat mild eye up, cover with foil, make it a temperature of around 25 ° C and start waiting.Periodically ventilate the fruit to prevent mold.Coconut sprout is long, from 2 months to six months.But then he quickly goes into growth.
pot of coconut plants must be large, not less than 12-15 liters.The soil should contain about 40% sand, and you have to constantly maintain high humidity and temperature.Due to the dry air may have a coco browning leaf tips.Too hard water can also cause damage to the leaves.On the other hand, an overflow for coconut too dangerous plant roots begin to rot.
As you can see, growing coconut - is not easy, and the chances of success are not so great.But if you do manage to grow a coconut palm tree, you can surely be counted among the professionals among growers.