Plant mimosa possible by means of seeds that must be purchased at a flower shop or via the Internet.Soak the seeds in hot water and leave it for twenty minutes.Then gently slide them into the prepared and already moistened soil (in small plastic cups), while not completely bury the seeds.Cover with foil or glass container and place in a warm and bright place.
periodically opens the film and pour warm water.When the seedlings reach a height above a matchbox, Make them sit in permanent pots and put on the most sunny place in your home, it is necessary for the uniform and proper growth of the plant.
The optimum temperature for the cultivation of mimosa in the period from spring to mid-autumn is 20-24 degrees.To mim
osa could successfully overwinter, lower the temperature of the contents in the winter to 16-18 degrees, but not lower than 15.
As the drying topsoil, watering mimosa settle and soft water at room temperature.From spring to autumn requires abundant watering, and then reduce it to moderate.Avoid overdrying and waterlogged earthen clod.It is recommended to regularly spray the plant with soft water, as the mimosa is very sensitive to air dry.
not disturb the plant unless absolutely necessary, particularly annual crops should not be transplanted.If you want to change mimosa, gently handled flower pot a little more, while not disturbing the earth com.To do this, use a substrate of equal parts of leaf mold, turf soil, sand and peat.At the bottom of the pot lay a good drainage layer of expanded clay or broken bricks.
fed mimosa solution fertilizer twice a month, almost winter feeding is required.In the first year of vegetation plant produces seeds that it and propagated annually.Remember, mimosa absolutely can not tolerate drafts and smoke.