you need
  • - pomelo seeds;
  • - Ā«Appin-extra";
  • - drainage;
  • - charcoal;
  • - turf ground;
  • - ground sheet;
  • - sand;
  • - humus.
germination pomelo is to do in the early spring.Collect a few large seeds from ripe fruit, wash them under running water and pat dry.It has been observed that most of the seeds occurs in fruits, pear-shaped.
Soak the seeds for eighteen hours in a solution, "Alpin-extra".In a glass of water you need five drops of the drug.
At the bottom of the container for germination, place a layer of any material that absorbs moisture.Suitable sponge, cotton wool, gauze.Often used for germination sphagnum moss.Place the seeds in the prepared co
ntainer and cover them with a layer of tissue or moss.
Moisten the contents of the container and put in place with a temperature in the range of twenty-five to twenty-eight degrees.Make sure that the material in which the seeds are germinated, not dry up.
Once seeds germinate, prepare a container with soil substrate.At the bottom of the container, place a mixture of medium-sized pebbles with charcoal.Mix soil substrate of two parts turf ground portion ground sheet portion of sand and the same quantity of humus.Plant the seeds germinated roots down to a depth of two and a half to three centimeters.
Place a container with seeds in a well-lighted place, pritenit container out of direct sunlight.Water the soil mixture defended water as the drying.
Once the young plants will grow two or three true leaves, seedlings of pomelo on individual pots with a diameter no more than ten to fifteen centimeters.When transplanting recommended pinch tap root seedlings.
Pomelo should be protected from drafts and to avoid abrupt change of illumination mode.To maintain the desired humidity for the plant pomelo spray water at room temperature or slightly warmer.Under appropriate conditions of detention of a young plant can be quite quickly form flower buds, but if not pomelo grown fifteen to twenty leaves, buds should be cut off.