you need
  • - watering;
  • - bags to the ground.
humidity in tropical forests is usually high during the year.In plants, there are periods of relative calm, but completely deprive them of water impossible.Monstera very quickly lose their leaves and luxury can be lost.But she does not like waterlogging and soil.Therefore ensure good drainage plant.In winter, water the flowers moderately.Do not overfill.The soil should always be slightly moist and not much else.It is better to water less water, but more often.
monstera Many come from the Southern Hemisphere.However, they are so adapted to
the indoor living, which is not too follow the natural cycle.Therefore, do not break down when this plant summer, but when winter should be.Install mode is exactly the same as for other houseplants.Spring for the inhabitants of your window sill begins in March and April.From this point gradually start watering Monstera more abundantly.Heavily moisturize the ground and avoid drying out.The soil should be kept moist longer, and wet.So watering the plant until October-November.
summer Monstera can be watered from the bottom.The pot in which he lives, this plant should be in fairly high and airy pan.Periodically pour water into the pan.Monstera gladly drink it.Wait until the water disappears, and pour a new portion.
monstera have often formed aerial roots.They have a number of ways.If the vine is still small and the side roots of her little direct them straight down.Place a large pan under the plant with water, so that the lateral roots getting any moisture.Larger plants such spines can bind the tubes with water.Suit and plastic bags to the ground.The soil must be regularly moisturize.
Monstera not particularly demanding on the air humidity and temperature.Partly big swings it brings calm enough, and the air she perfectly moisturizes.However, try to still give it favorable conditions and do not let the temperature in the apartment fall below 18 ° C.