you need
  • - flowers;
  • - portbuketnitse.
Collect choose the color in the "Biedermeier" - is the most common form of the bouquet for the bride.It was collected by portbuketnitse but can simply hands.Portbuketnitse - a special device that resembles a microphone inside which Floral Foam impregnated with the composition, preserving the freshness of flowers.Flowers are inserted into the rings from the middle portbuketnitse.
cascade bouquet for the bride make an inverted drops, falls or arc.Flowers for him to pick up the long flexible stems - freesia, calla lilies, orchids, add climbing plants.For this kind of bouquet is also a special portbuketnitse - inclined.
Gather round bridal bouquet bride simply important to choose a beautiful almost i
dentical flowers or buds of roses, freesias, lilies and place them in the hemisphere, tightly clutching each other.
Basket-ball gather-based field for bouquets - insert it stems until the flowers fill the entire space.This field is attached ribbon with which the bouquet is worn on the wrist of the bride.
of climbing plants and flowers with flexible stems weave non-friable basket and insert the beautiful flowers - so you get a bridal bouquet, a basket.Bouquet-fan is made of colors, which is fixed to the frame or the fan with the help of this delay.They can fan and wear it the same way as an ordinary fan - on a beautiful ribbon or lace.
Collect "Glameliyu" is difficult, but if you want to stand out with its bouquet of a number of other brides, then try!Flowers (lilies, roses or gladiolus) disassemble into individual petals and glue carefully assemble one of them fancy flower.
Some brides tend to make a wedding bouquet of something incredible, such a bouquet of umbrella, which can exist in both closed and open.For this purpose, a conventional umbrella frame stretched mesh.Flowers collect on the wire in a line along the length of the umbrella, alternating with leaves and bindweed.Collect them in size from large to small, gradually reducing the size.Pull the garland of flowers on top of the mesh umbrella, secure with a thin wire, threading it through the grid cell.Make edging of large flowers, carefully attach them to the frame of the umbrella delays.