you need
  • - any small succulents in small pots sizes: cacti, aloes, euphorbias, Crassula, Kalanchoe - 3-5 units;
  • - pot, wide and low (kaktusnitsa), or a large glass of brandy glass, a small aquarium, a large tea cup, etc .;
  • - packaging drainage (concrete block), can be replaced by small stones, pieces of foam;
  • - primer for cacti (commercially available);
  • - accessories for decoration composition: seashells, sea pebbles, large colored sand;
  • - spray.
plants in a flower shop pick up, given that they are beautifully blended together: with different colored leaves of different shapes (oblong, round, fluffy).

If the vessel chosen, small, only three instances when poobemnee - five.
For sale is a lot of the original plant
Sprinkle the bottom of the vessel drain.Its height should be at least 1/3 of the height of the pot.This is to ensure that water does not stagnate in the roots of plants, and freely through the drain flowed down.Succulents do not like dampness.
Drainage on the bottom for a group of succulents is mandatory
sprinkle a little on top of drainage (1-3 cm of soil) and arrange it taken out of the plant pots.As a rule, the roots retained a good root ball, try not to destroy it.

group the plants so that they looked favorably with each other.In the center or slightly to the side - the highest, next - lower, and the edges - very small.
Fill the gaps between the roots with soil colors accurately primnogo his fingers, so that the earth's surface in the vessel became flat.
Decorate your composition sand, spectacular rocks, shells.Connect your imagination and place here a bright decorative element: figure bug, butterflies.Perched on a cactus homemade, made of paper sombrero, giving the gift of humorous national "desert" coloring.
Decor to decorate the composition is desired
Spray plants from a spray, sand and rocks, washing them from dust and dirt.

Important!During the week you can not water the soil succulents, otherwise roots dangling in the transplant, easy to begin to rot, the plant can be sprayed only slightly.After a week start to pour the soil composition, but very sparingly.