main problem of all gardeners who want to plant this plant at home, it is winter.At this time it need a low temperature, about 10 degrees, and the minimum watering.But in any case, do not allow drying out.In case of unsuitable conditions in a dormant period, myrtle can dump the leaves.Do not rush to dispose of plant leaves in late February will go to growth.However, the bloom this year will not wait.
For good growth and development need to Myrtle bright, sunny place, but not direct sunlight.Very good effect on him fresh air in the warmer months.Myrtle is not indifferent to water procedures.She loves much water, and a warm shower, well, or, at least, reg
ular spraying.Water must be warm and settle.From March to August, a tree must be regularly 2 times a month, fed mineral fertilizer for houseplants.
spring, after a period of dormancy, the myrtle will require a transplant.You can transplant it in a special ready-mix or cook it yourself.Its composition - 2 parts of humus, one part peat, sand and compost.At the bottom of the pot should be a good drainage.Make sure that the roots were in the spacious new home, they should not be bent, and that the tree trunk is not dug into the soil.When the tree matures, the annual change is not required.Adult plant can grow in the same pot for 3-4 years.
propagated myrtle is not difficult.You can do so by seeds and cuttings can be.Seeds come from fresh, washed in a solution of potassium permanganate, dried and planted to a depth of 0.5 cm. Hide the film and placed in a sunny place.Then a month or two regular watering and ventilation shoots appear.Grown seedlings are seated on separate containers.When they are a little older, they need to pinch, that Bush was formed in breadth, and not stretched.In the fifth year of such plants bloom with proper care.Often there is self-seeding plants withered.Myrtle cuttings propagated even easier.Cuttings taken from the apical shoots with 3-4 pairs of leaflets.Rooting them in a mixture of peat peskai a plastic cup, periodically pritenit moisturizing and sun.As soon as the fresh leaves the shelter can be removed.After 2-3 years the plant will give you flowers.