Tip 1: How to care for palm room

Palm trees decorating its feathery fan leaves or winter gardens - plants tropical and subtropical climate zones, quite demanding to the conditions of detention.There are a number of common rules for the care of these plants that are applicable to any type of trees growing in the home.
you need
  • - humus;
  • - sand;
  • - peat;
  • - ground sheet;
  • - turf ground;
  • - charcoal.
Under natural conditions, some trees can grow to enormous size.Under the conditions of the apartment will hardly be possible to grow a palm tree, the width of the sheet which is about two meters, but even a miniature plant of this family need a spacious, well-lit room.Pritenit palm of direct sunlight.
Air temperature suitable for the winter trees, it depends on the climate zone in which this kind of growing in nature.Plants derived from the subtropics, winter need at a lower temperature than the tropical palms.However, none of the species of palms do not like drafts and hypothermia roots, so do not stir the po
ts of these plants under the window leaf or on a cold window sill.
Palms - moisture-loving plants should be watered in the summer they are often in the winter - a little less.For plants that are in a rest period is transferred to a cool place, watering is recommended to replace the spraying.Palm leaves contained in the heat, should also be sprayed on both sides, since these plants do not tolerate dry air.Humidifier, put in a room where the palm grows, will make the atmosphere in the room more suitable for these plants.
Potted palms not tolerate damage to the roots, trunk and leaves.In other words, stretched out like a palm tree can not be shortened dratsenu, cutting the top of the plant.In addition, it is not recommended to crop dried up due to lack of moisture in the air or soil the tips of the leaves of palm trees.Dries the leaves should be cut from the plant only when the sheet is completely dry up.
Young trees should be transplanted into a new pot or tub every year, three years older plants are transplanted once in four years.When transplanting should examine the roots of trees and carefully remove rotten.If the roots of plants grown in width and clung to the walls of the old pot, transplant the palm in a container wider.If the roots stretched down to form a cushion around the drain, be sure to use a higher plant pot.
Palm trees are planted in the ground, a mixed one part humus, the same amount of sand and peat, two parts leaf and two parts sod land.Add the soil mixture crushed charcoal.In a pot, intended for planting palm, put drainage, which should be put on top of a layer of sand.On the sand, you can spread the soil substrate.
Some growers recommend to cut the roots when transplanting, which formed a thick pad at the bottom of the pot.Do it with a sharp knife garden.Immediately after transplanting trees should not be fed.

Tip 2: How to care for palm

Palma - very common houseplant, which is widely used for home decoration.Palma able to grow up to several meters in height, but grown in the home instances do not reach that size.
How to care for palm

Palma - a fairly undemanding plant, care for them is simple, so it is often found in homes and in public institutions.However, absolutely no attention to any one plant will not do, so you need to know how to take care of a palm tree.

In nature, trees usually grow in tropical or subtropical climates, often in close proximity to the sea coast.Houses palm should be placed in a bright location with plenty of fresh air.In winter, of course, the palm can only indoors, but in summer it is recommended to move into the open air - on the balcony, garden, etc.In particularly hot days, it is put in the shade or create artificial shade over it.Palm trees do not tolerate drought, so you need to maintain a sufficient degree of moist air.To this end, next to a palm tree, you can put a water tank, but you can take advantage of special humidifiers.

soil for palms should not be waterlogged in summer it is moistened in a day, in winter once a week.When excessive moisture root of palm and base of the stem will rot.Summer should be added to the soil of flower or a weak solution of organic fertilizer once every two weeks.In practice, that's all you need to do to take care of a palm tree.

young palms are transplanted each year (spring and autumn), adult plant can be transplanted every two to three years.For the transplant to prepare a special soil mix: it includes two parts sod land, two parts leaf, one part humus and one part sand.

Reproduction palm trees in the indoor environment is extremely difficult, as the germination requires a constant heating of the soil and high humidity.

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