cypress The light is not very demanding, he probably needed penumbra.And in the winter and autumn, it is better placed on the south or west window, and with the onset of sunny weather - move to the northern.Pay attention to the temperature in the winter.Best of all, this plant will feel on the glazed loggias at temperatures from +5 to +10 degrees.If not, then keep away from fir tree radiator and as often as possible ventilate the room, avoiding drafts.
Cypress needs moderate watering.In summer, 2 times a week, and in winter 2 times in three weeks.But watch out for soil moisture - it shoul
d not completely dry.Very good cypress responds to regular water treatments.Feel free to spray it, regardless of the season.Fertilizing indoor cypress engaged in active growth, ie,from May to August.Fed once a month a special fertilizer "Gummatov sodium", "Bud" or "DiaCosmetics."This handsome man is very delicate root system, so do not get carried away with the transplant.If you really need it, try to injure the minimum earthen room.The new pot is necessary to ensure good drainage.The soil mix should consist of two parts leaf soil and one part sod land, peat and sand.Tree root collar should be obyazatellno on the surface, otherwise the plant will die.
Due to the fact that the cypress is very picky about the temperature and humidity, growers are often faced with the problem of drying shoots and yellowing of needles.So try to comply with the necessary conditions.On the weakened plants are often attacked by spider mites.Also, the reason can be drying overcooling the root system.Vsluchae plant diseases to be treated "fitoverm" or "aktellik" necessarily constantly humidify the air around the plant.You can try to revive the plant, placing it in a plastic bag.Inflate the air in the bag and tie tightly, periodically sprinkling with water and crown "Alpin".This treatment should last as long as there will be shoots.