you need
  • - fuchsia seeds;
  • - light, loose substrate;
  • - drainage;
  • - low container seedlings;
  • - small pots.
After flowering fuchsia produced fruit with tiny seeds.Usually they are tied if the plant is in the summer on the street, because it needs pollination.but it is quite possible to get seeds and artificial way.We need themselves to "work bee".Do you need to pollinate in the morning to do a soft brush, transfer pollen from one plant to another.
pluck the fruit only after they are fully ripe.If you put them on the ripening, they can rot.Rinse them from the pulp and dry.Fuchsia seeds quickly lose their try to plant them as soon as possible.
When purchasing seeds of fuchsias in
the store, pay attention to the timing of collection and storage.but even in the case that the seeds were collected and packed quite recently, their viability may be only 50 percent.It should also be borne in mind that plants can not repeat the maternal characteristics, but the more interesting and the process.
Prepare a low container with holes in the bottom.Pour drainage.Prepare a loose substrate and pour it into a container, then moisten it.gently tap and scatter the seeds on the surface.The soil they can not fall asleep.
Cover the container glass or foil and place in a warm place.Everyday soil spray and wipe off the condensate formed at the surface of the film or glass.To the seedlings do not need to pull them dosvechivat fitolampy, which should be mounted on a distance of 30 cm from them.
Grown seedlings dive with some small pots.As soon as they will have 5-6 leaves, prischipnite the tip to start the plant bushes.
further care seedlings is the same as for an adult plant.Fuchsia loves heat and moisture.In summer it is best to stand on the balcony or in the garden.Every 2 weeks to do special feeding liquid fertilizer.