you need
  • - spray bottle or container with water;
  • - fitolampy;
  • - fertilizer with phosphorus and potassium.
Orchid, like many other plants can not stand stress.But with this flower trauma may become even such a trifle as its movement.Do not move the pot of orchid flower is very sensitive to changes in position relative to the sun.If we are without having to move can not do, notice which side stood a plant to light and place it in the new location exactly.
no general rules to follow that can achieve a lush flowering.There are many varieties of orchids, and each requires a special approach.For example, some plants respond well to changes in temperature.These mus
t first hold for a while in the heat, and then in the cold.Others give flowers, if they make a small drought.Read specialized literature and find out what kind of love your plants.
Pay attention to the roots of orchids.In contrast to the roots of other plants, they, like the leaves, are involved in the complex process of photosynthesis, so should not be completely underground.The upper part of the roots of the orchid should always be in the light.In addition, it is best to put the plant in a plastic pot with a very smooth walls.For clay or ceramic rough surface roots can to increment, and this will inevitably traumatizes orchid bloom more difficult.
Orchids can not normally exist without the bright sun, because they come from warm countries.If the plant does not provide a sufficiently long light day, it does not give flowers.For Russian fans of the exotic is often seems problematic, but there is a solution: the use of special lamps.In the autumn-winter period experienced growers necessarily further highlight their special orchid fitolampy such as "Flora" or similar.And not necessarily illuminate the whole plant is sufficient to send the device to the tip of the flower stalk.
regularly fertilize the orchid, then it is more likely to blossom.But do not use a fertilizer with a high content of nitrogen, it is better to use those in which a lot of phosphorus and potassium, they will stimulate the appearance of the kidneys and the subsequent flowering.Nitrogen, on the contrary, retards blooming.