How to grow rootstock

mistake many novice growers is that they are trying to grow an orange tree from seeds and fruits are waiting for him.At home, this will not bloom orange and, accordingly, will not give fruit.Make him do it, you can only instilling a sprig from a plant that already give the harvest, and from bones received an excellent rootstock.

Remove the bones from the very ripe orange, and set them in a bowl with a damp fertile substrate.It is best to use a ready pochvosmes for citrus, which can be purchased at a flower shop. planted several seeds in order to subsequently be able to choose the strongest seedling rootstock to.

flat dish, cover with
foil or glass and put this mini-parnichok in a sunny place.Sprouts will appear quite quickly, then cover can be removed.Care of seedlings is easy.Water them as the drying of the upper layer of the soil, the land must always be moist.When will

3-4 true leaves, the plants grown select among the strongest and transplant them into individual pots.Put in a warm sunny place.Periodically, loose soil, watering and fertilizing make special fertilizer for citrus.Do not move the seedlings to another place, Orange does not like this.

How to plant a plant

When shoots become odrevesneveyut and a minimum thickness of 5 mm, it will be possible to proceed to vaccination.Prepare the stock.Cut off from the summer crop 1-2 sprigs.Remove all of the leaves, leaving the stalks and buds.The lower part of the stalk cut off the sharp edge at an acute angle with the two sides (the wedge should happen), the cut must be below the lower kidney. Vaccination should be carried out immediately after cutting the cutting, but if this is not possible, wrap the material damp sphagnum moss or cotton wool and put in a plastic bag.

seedling shears cut off at 10 cm from the soil surface.Make it a vertical incision depth of about 2 cm and insert the resulting splitting of the cutting blade.Align the bark of the scion and rootstock.

All sections seal the garden pitch, and the place of vaccination are covered with insulating tape.After about 1.5 months it can be removed.If you did everything right, cutting accustomed, Orange will begin to move rapidly in the growth and in 2 years will bloom white flowers with a pleasant aroma and will give you the first fruits.