you need
  • - avocados;
  • - 4 toothpicks;
  • - glass;
  • - water;
  • - flower pot;
  • - nourishing soil.
Cut the avocados into 2 halves, careful not to touch bone.Carefully pull it out of the pulp and rinse under running water to remove any remaining pulp.
Specify top and bottom of the bones.This must be done for the future tree is not deformed.The stone has the shape of an egg, an elongated region - this is the height (from here will sprout) and flatter - a bottom (or start to grow roots here).Planting must be only half of the bone (the lower portion), otherwise the tree just will not grow.
4 Take a toothpick and insert them at a slight angle to the bone with the 4 sides.Toothpicks will help to establish a seed so that only half of it was in the water.
In a glass, pour water and put it in the design of the bone avocado and toothpicks bottom (flat) side down.Desirably, the container is transparent.Firstly, it is very interesting to observe how the roots appear and grow plants.Secondly, it will help determine when to replace the water in the beaker.Normally it should be changed every 3-5 days.
Place a container with a bone on the window sill and wait for the emergence of the germ.After 2-4 weeks there will be roots.A sprout will appear in 4-8 weeks.So please be patient.First, the upper part of the bone avocado dries, cracks appear on it, and the skin starts to peel off.Then, the crack will grow and there will be a tiny rod stub, which will increase rapidly.At this time, make sure the water level in the vessel, otherwise the plant may die.After some time, a small sprout appears at the top of the stone.
When the plant reaches 10-12 cm in height, cut its top.This will encourage the growth of side shoots.Once again sprout will grow to 12 cm, plant it in a pot in humus-rich soil.And remove the toothpicks and dip into the soil only half of the bone, as it was in the water.
pot put in a sunny place, the more light and heat, the better for the development of avocado.The soil should always be moist, watering the plant often as the top layer dries out a bit.However, try to avoid overflow when the leaves turned yellow - a sign of waterlogged, let the soil dry for a few days.
to tree bush, periodically prishipyvayte its top.In the summer it can be taken in the garden or on the balcony, but the harsh Russian winter avocados not survive, and therefore it is grown only as a houseplant.
Will there be any benefits?Hard to say!Sometimes the plants begin to bear fruit in the 3rd or 4th year, some give fruits after 10-15 years, and on the other they will not ever.Experts say that you must have at least 2 plants, to ensure pollination.But even if you never get the fruits, avocados should be grown at home, because it is a beautiful and exotic trees that decorate the home and fill it with a pleasant scent.