Tip 1: How to use rose petals

Rose gives people not only aesthetically pleasing, but also allows for a long time to keep the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. petals of this flower are used in medicine for cooking oils, tinctures, etc.In addition, one can prepare a delicious and flavorful jam.
you need
  • mask:
  • - whey - 100 ml .;
  • - rose petals - 50g.
  • jam:
  • - sugar - 1 kg .;
  • - rose petals - 500 gr .;
  • - lemon - 0.5 pc.
Keep in mind that the oil used for cooking and infusions need only wild rose petals, ierose hips, or the one that you yourself have grown in the garden.In this case, you will be fully convinced that there was no use of harmful substances.
very wide rose petals are used in cosmetology.For example, one easy to prepare a pink oil.To do this you have to put the petals in a jar and pour the butter so that it covers them.Then we need to put it in the sun and keep you there until the petals will become white.Then remove them from the oil and place fresh.Again insisted.These manipula
tions need to spend about ten times.The longer you press the petals, the fragrant oils obtained.
oil So you can lubricate the face and neck to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.It gives the skin freshness and softness, promotes narrowing of large pores.
Rose oil is used for medicinal purposes, as it has anti-inflammatory and choleretic properties.They can also soak the bandage and apply to the wound.She drags on much faster.
Gargle with oil of rose petals if you have inflamed gums.You can simply lubricate them with rose oil.It contributes to the destruction of germs and has a healing effect.
Rose oil has a pleasant aroma.You can lubricate his body during the massage.It will soften the skin and at the same time give the pleasure of a wonderful smell.
If you want to make a mask of rose petals, you can do it on the basis of dairy whey.Serum should be boiled, adding petals.Then you need to cool and incubate for three to four hours.The resulting mask put on the face for twenty minutes, then rinse with warm water.Your skin will then be soft and smooth.
of rose petals can be cooked rare delicacy jam.You need to fill petals sugar (one of the petals to two parts sugar), let stand for two - three hours.Squeeze the resulting mass of half a lemon juice and simmer until thick.Then cool and wonderful fragrant jam is ready.

Tip 2: What can be done with rose petals

If you have a vacation home or cottage, you can grow roses in the area.But luxury bouquet plucked short-lived, it will stand in a vase is not more than a week and fragrant petals fall off with time.But they can be used for various purposes.So what can be done with rose petals.
What you can do with rose petals

Second Life rose petals

cut roses in a vase quickly fade, but you can extend their life: there are a lot of tips, what to do with the petals of flowers.Rosebuds may simply dry up.To do this, sprigs of flowers hung head down for a few days.Dried buds will decorate the vase and remind of the day when the roses were presented.

From the petals themselves can do a variety of cosmetic products, as well as to use them in cooking in the manufacture of jams, liqueurs, wines and sauces.Rose petals are placed in pads for flavoring linen in the closet.

use rose petals in cosmetology

widely known rose oil, which is made in Bulgaria.It uses special technology, but you can try to make yourself like oil.To prepare it, you need to gather before sunrise petals of red fragrant roses, buds which recently opened.For the basics better to take the olive oil.

in a quart jar, pour 2 cups of rose petals and pour 200 ml of oil.Then, close the jar and store in a cool dark place.Periodically mix the contents.After 20 days, the oil filter and clean in the refrigerator.Oil is ready for use.

To make rose water, you need to pour 50 grams of rose petals (preferably ether Shrovetide varieties having sufficiently strong flavor) 1 liter of cold boiled water, add 200 grams of sugar and let stand for 2 hours.Then shake, strain.The resulting water must be stored in a refrigerator.Its good to use for wiping of the skin or for the preparation of other cosmetics bath.

bath with rose petals gently relaxes, reduces fatigue and stress, makes the skin soft and supple.The water temperature in the bath should be 36-37 degrees, while taking a bath - about 15 minutes.

place rose petals in the bath, you can add a cup of salt or milk 5-6 drops of rose oil.To moisturize and nourish the skin in a bath add 2 teaspoons of rose water and 2 teaspoons of almond oil or olive oil.The same effect can be obtained by adding to the bath 1 cup milk and 2 teaspoons of rose water.

After the bath if you have dry skin, use a pink lotion.To prepare it, take 3 tablespoons rose water, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of glycerin, all mix.Then wipe the skin lotion ready.

use rose petals in cooking

turns out very tasty jam of rose petals.Deciding to cook, wash first 400 grams of rose petals, posushite and put them in a glass jar, pour the sugar and add 1 teaspoon citric acid.Leave to infuse for 1 hour.At this time of the remainder of 1 kg of sugar and 2 cups water Boil the syrup.When it is ready, add the rose petals and simmer until cooked jam.

Delicate and fragrant rose petals are not thrown away, they are all new and new use of them can do a lot more useful.
How to use rose petals.Presented to you on a holiday roses look very nice.That there is only one of their flavor and velvety soft petals.However, their term of not eternal.How to use rose petals, advises a magazine for girls "Krasulia."1. If you have enough free time, then do yourself a bath and aromatic petals to sprinkle.
Helpful Hint
grind in a mortar pink petals.The bottle of 250 ml put sunflower seeds, crushed rose petals, we will fill them with vinegar.Close the bottle cap and leave to infuse in the lit area.After 2 weeks, strain and add 2 or 3 drops of rose oil.The resulting composition of the cream will make an excellent massage tool.Now we know how to use rose petals.